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Star Formation Workshop at Armagh

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13:15- 14:00Pizzas
(for all attending/participating)

14:00- 14:25 Tigran Khanzadyan
(MPIA, Heidelberg)
Exploration of a star formation region in Cygnus
14:25- 14:40 Fiona Mc Groarty
(DIAS, Dublin)
Parsec scale optical outflows
14:40- 14:55 Barry O'Connell
The spectacular outflow in L1634
14:55- 15:10 Emma Whelan
(DIAS, Dublin)
Paschen beta emission as a possible tracer of outflow activity from T-Tauri stars
15:10- 15:40 Coffee/tea
15:40- 15:50 Tigran Movsessian
(Byurakan Observatory)
Are jet flows spinning, turbulent or laminar?
15:50- 16:05 Alex Rosen
Simulations of molecular jets.
16:05- 16:20 Simon Glover
(AMNH, New York)
Molecular hydrogen.
16:20- 16:30 Michael Smith
Starless cores
16:30- 16:45 Simon Glover
(AMNH, New York)
Future simulations with ZEUS-MP
16:45- 17:00 Georgi Pavlovski
Numerical simulations of turbulence
16:55- 17:30 Discussion

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